Managed to replaced battery of my MBP A1425

Since I don’t like the new MacBook Pro 2016 and I keep upgrading my old MBP retina 13″ Late 2012.

After upgrading my 128GB SSD to 500GB of Samsung EVO 850. I decided to replace battery of my MBP.

Ordered SIKER11.21V as I liked the reviews of the item. It came with 2 screwdriver.

I have followed instructions of most popular source  ifixit. Though I didn’t have spudger, I have used a unused Credit card to pull the battery. It was the only hard part of the replacement. No problem i have faced yet. Though it is identified as OEM parts of my MBP.

Currently I am using this battery for 3-4 days. Tested the battery from 100% to 1%. It lasts around 6-7 hours of medium workload. In this time the main background processes are Skype, iCloud and dropbox. I have used Safari mostly. Watched 1080p/720p in youtube around 2-3 hours, browsed bunch of heavy sites, etc. So far so good to me.